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Color Me Tint (Peach & Apricot)

Color Me Tint (Peach & Apricot)

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Benefits Of Peach & Apricot Lip And Cheek Tint

  • Color me tint: Peach pop gives you a peppy, bright shade, great for a cheerful look.
  • Enriched with Peach, Apricot, Shea butter & Vitamin E, Color me tint helps to make the lips soft and supple & give them a peppy looking pigment.
  • Presence of Vitamins C, A & K , along with antioxidants, Color Me Tint can help heal dry lips & rejuvenate them.
  • Color me tint is formulated to suit all types of skin and skin tones.
  • Color me tint can be used as cheek & lip tint for women, making it a 2 in 1 product
  • To use- Using a thumb or finger, rub/scrape desired amount. Apply evenly on lips and dab to blend on the cheeks

How To Use ?

Step 1- Scrape off a little amount with your thumb or finger.

Step 2- Apply it smoothly on lips and dab on the cheeks & eyelids.

#If you only want a hint of color and nothing evident for a minimal look, you can use a lesser amount too.

Pro Tip- For good lip health, it is necessary to exfoliate, hydrate the body and keep lips moisturized. Tint more often than not are end products to top off the look but not shred away the goodness.

Note for users- This lip tint balm is a skincare alternative to make-up and not a proper make-up product.


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