Freshistry is the brainchild of bringing fun elements to essential products. It was primarily started to break the monotony of skincare. We wanted to bring peppy colours, heavenly fragrances and most importantly, innovative, fun to use products! We’re the living definition of ‘never a dull day!

Skincare products that pamper you, become your indulgence- is what we aimed for! Fresh and innovative concoctions filled with the element of safe colours is what we’ve been doing till date. If this wasn’t all, let us say something that’ll surely will- We’re Natural and Vegan! Yes, all Freshistry products have natural ingredients in them and none of the ingredients have been sourced/ derived from any animal source. So whilst you are loving the products, your skin is relishing them and your choices are being proud of you too. Also, did we mention already- They are all without parabens!

Another Fresh fact for you- Water is the key ingredient in each of our products and what is even better, its 65% of the product ! We’re giving your skin the best source of hydration.

We wanted to send love with each Freshistry product, and we hope that happens for years to come. We strongly hope these bright colours take your everyday  day blues away and make your days brighter with a happy skin to support you in all spirits

Because you’re special!

We believe you should have products that pamper you on bad days and uplift your spirits more on the good ones! We put names on your products if they're meant for someone. What could be more special than having a product specially made in someone’s name . 

We celebrate you as the special individual that you are and what you want - it all matters to us. We provide you with the best of the products that your skin cannot resist using!