Use a lip scrub today! Here's why- Freshistry

Use a lip scrub today! Here's why- Freshistry

Applying a mere lip balm is not all the care your lips need, sadly. As much as we'd like to believe that our lips don't need the extra attention, they do. Do you know that our lips are the most sensitive part of our body and have over 1 million nerve endings! They are exposed to the same sunlight, heat, dust, and environment as the rest of your body and are bitten and liked and put through hot and cold food items! So much so for being the most sensitive right. Lips, like other parts of our skin, can be dry, dull, chapped, etc. And in order to care for them, it is only essential to exfoliate them. 

What is lip exfoliation?

Removing the top layer of lip skin that is dead and dull, most often with sugar, to soften, moisturize and improve lip health.

How often should you exfoliate?

Gently exfoliating your lips 1-2 times a week is essential for lip health. However, over-exfoliation can be equally bad, so one must pay attention to not over-scrub or harshly scrub their lips.

If new to lip exfoliation, one must start by scrubbing once a week and gradually move up to 3 times or as per their personal need. 

Pro tip! 

-Always exfoliate gently, never harshly. 

-Scrub your lips at night and follow up with a good quality lip balm or lip oil to wake up with soft, supple, nourished, and moisturized lips.

How to exfoliate lips?

Step1: Clean your lips. There should be no make-up or product on your lips before you exfoliate. Slightly moisten them with water. 

Step2: Take some amount as per lips using your finger and apply on to your lips.

Step3: In gentle, circular motions, with very little pressure, start rubbing your lips. You can do this for about a minute.

Step4: Using a damp cloth, gently wipe off the scrub particles or wash off the scrub.

Step5: Always follow up with a good lip balm or lip oil to lock the moisture of your lips.

Pro tip!

-Lips should neither be too dry nor too wet before you scrub them.

-You only need to scrub your lips once a week during winter. 

-Don't use very abrasive scrubbing particles. Natural exfoliators like sugar are good for the lips. 

-Overly dry lips should be hydrated rather than exfoliated since scrubbing particles can cause tiny cracks. 

Benefits of exfoliating your lips!

 -Removes dead skin cells

Exfoliating helps to buff away the dead layer of skin cells from the lip that make them appear dull and dry. This leads to fresh-looking, smoother lips.

 -Boosts blood circulation

Scrubbing lips helps to boost blood flow to lips which makes them plumper and supple.

 -Helps improve discoloration and spots

Since scrubbing rids the dead layers of skin from the lip, it helps to make lips pinker, and healthier with an even tone. Therefore, lip scrub is great for dark lips.

 -Improves efficacy of other lip products

Once that dead layer of skin is off, you will find that your other lip products like balms, serums, or oils perform better. This happens due to the better absorption capacity of lips.

 -Lipsticks look much better!

Since your lips are smoother and even after scrubbing, lipsticks look great on lips as they don't cover around cracks anymore.  

-Helps dry & chapped lips

By remove dead skin cells, lip scrub aids new cell generation, therefore, helping to deal with chapped lips and dry lips.

 Freshistry Lip Scrubs you can try:

- Sugar Lips! Lip scrub with Beetroot & Pomegranate extract

Naturally pigmented ingredients like beetroot and pomegranate promote and aid rosy lips and nourish them, making it great lip scrub to get pink lips! 

- Sugar Lips! Lip scrub with Lemon, Orange & Vitamin E oil

Vitamin C enriched, lip scrub for dark lips, with citrus fruit extracts, brings out the natural pigment of lips.

- Sugar Lips! Lip scrub with Coffee & Vitamin E

A great lip scrub for men & women, antioxidant rich, real coffee grind formula to promote lip health and make them their best, supple & bright self.

- Sugar Lips! Lip scrub Cotton Candy

A fun and tasteful, cotton candy lip scrub smells and tastes exactly like it sounds! Filled with strawberry & blueberry extracts, it's a swirling lip dessert!

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