Tackle dark & pigmented lips- An honest guide

Tackle dark & pigmented lips- An honest guide

If you're someone who has thoroughly gone through the internet, finding videos, blogs, and ways to lighten lips, yet haven't found a solution, maybe this can be your help.

Lips aren't pigmented, discolored, or dark because they one day decided to go the other way. There are many reasons why your lips could be the color they are, and only following or using a whitening/ lightening product may not be your salvation, sadly.

 Like your skin, your lips have layers too. However, it has multiple layers in contrast to only 3-5 layers in the lips- making lips all the more prone and sensitive towards everything.

The number of layers is also why underlying blood vessels ode to what color our lips are. 

Having said that, a lot of people face lip discoloration or dark lips, which can either be natural or due to certain factors like:

  1. Deficiency of vitamins & minerals like Iron, Vitamin B12, etc.
  2. Smoking
  3. Sun exposure, causing spots or pigmented lips
  4. Overusing lipsticks or lip products with harmful chemicals
  5. Lack of water
  6. Poor diet 

To avoid getting your lips dark, the following are some preventive measures that you can consider:

  • Drinking water- Water is the wonder ingredient that can ease our life and is indeed at the top. It is one of the best ways to stay hydrated.
  • Using SPF- SPF is one of the most forgotten products when it comes to our lips. Sadly, but honestly, like your skin, your lips need SPF too. It is the best way to save them from the sun's harmful rays, which can cause your lips to shrink, become pigmented and, worst case scenario, lead to diseases. 
  • Scrubbing lips- Scrubbing the dead, dull, and chapped layers of your lips every once or twice a week is essential. It facilitates blood circulation, softens lips, makes them fuller & plumper, and gives them their natural color. But don't use harsh exfoliators, as the skin of lips is very gentle and can suffer tears if not scrubbed with caution.
  • Moisturizing lips- Dry lips make you lick them more. It isn't good for your lip health, so it is necessary to keep them moisturized. Chapped, dry lips often lead to flakiness and can make lips prone to bleeding. Using a lip balm with natural oils and butter and ingredients that can aid in making them lighter is ideal too. One product can target two of your lip concerns!
  • Eat healthily- A nutrient-rich, balanced diet is the key to everything. Eating fruits & vegetables like pomegranates, beetroots, and berries is one essential way to get healthier, pinker lips! Foods with natural pigments are great helping aids for lips. 
  • Additional help- Use lip care products like masks, serum, oil, butter etc. These help to cater to specific lip concerns and keep them healthy.
  • Give your lips a break! Don't always keep your lips covered in make-up products. They are heavily filled with chemicals and seldom do any good.
  • Follow all steps! Don't just slack some lip balm on your lips and call it lip care. Take some time to care for them genuinely. Develop a routine and be mindful about them to care about them. 

Other than the above-stated reasons and measures, there are also many medical reasons which cause dark lips, and consulting a doctor is the best solution in that scenario. 

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