Perfumes on your hair - Why not and alternatives- Freshistry

Perfumes on your hair - Why not and alternatives- Freshistry

Who doesn't love to smell good? After all, it has been associated with being a form of good manners!

And those good manners are followed well with our dear hair when freshly washed, but seldom does that last long enough! We're either left to wash them out earlier or spray our perfumes on hair! Ain't that one of the biggest hair care mistakes of all?

To your great surprise, Hair Mist might be the word that would've recently made an acquaintance. Yes, you hear right, Hair Mists!


What exactly are Hair Mists?


Mostly water base, hair mists are gentle on the hair. And in case you're lucky, they may also come with some dose of nourishment for your hair. They are moderately scented to make your hair fragrant and do not damage your hair. Along with water as a significant base, they are specifically formulated for hair and carry some ingredients which help the fragrance stay without making hair dry or sticky.


Are they safe to use?


Yes! Hair Mists are safe to use on hair since they do not contain alcohols that dry out hair or silicones like hair serums that make hair too sticky.

Being majorly water-based, they are good to go on hair and won't leave you looking for treatments for hair post-use.


Why exactly would you want a hair mist now?


  1. For starters, great smelling hair! But let's dig a little deeper from the surface level and see some real benefits:
  2. Hair mists come with hair nourishing ingredients and can benefit hair, apart from just spritzing them with perfume! They can be anywhere in line from softening, increasing shine or luster, de-tangling hair, etc.
  3. You can spray these any time- after a wash, post styling, or before stepping out somewhere.
  4. They are way better than sprays perfumes! Perfumes contain drying alcohols which can cause split ends, breakage, or excessive drying. Mists, on the other hand, do no such thing.
  5. They come in variants too! The pro they pick up from perfumes is they come in various scents- floral, oriental, woody, musky, refreshing, etc.
  6. They also help tame your frizzy, unruly hair. Mists help to make hair more manageable, without the hassle of washing.
  7. They suit all hair types. Yes, you read that right! You need not hunt for mists as per your hair type.
  8. Mists revitalize hair. They contain hair nourishing oils and ingredients that bring life to otherwise dry and dull-looking hair. 


    How to use hair mists?


    -For freshly washed hair:

    Spray on lengths and roots as quantity required, from a distance of 15-20cm and either finger comb or use a wide-toothed combed.

    -For dry hair

    Spray on hair from a distance of 15-20cm and finger comb. 


    Hair Care tip!

    To generally keep good hair, use shampoo and conditioner per hair type. Oil hair regularly to avoid drying, clean pillowcase frequently to prevent dust, and shampoo hair if you have an oily scalp.


    Try out Freshistry's Hair Mist!


    Hair Softening Mist: Floral Bouquet


    • Floral bouquet is a multi-purpose product which nourishes, softens and aids shiny hair along with leaving a sweet, floral fragrance, which is exhilarating to the senses & gives a scintillating feeling! It is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Grapeseed and Vitamin E which promote hair strength, luster and soften hair.

    Hair Shine Mist: Tropical Bliss


    • Tropical bliss is a multi-purpose product which gives hair a shiny look, helps detangle them and promotes strength and smoothness, has a tropical fragrance, which is relaxing & uplifting. It is enriched with Rice Water, Vitamin E & Aloe that together promote shinier, smoother & stronger hair.






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