No More Mundane Skincare For You! Freshistry

No More Mundane Skincare For You! Freshistry

Skin care brands are launched day in and day out, yet what is amusing to see is how they have so much in common! Freshistry was conceptualized to bring out colours in the mundane skincare products, to make them more fun but not to take the goodness out of them.

It was an idea that nagged the mind of the founder, Rashi Arora, who wanted to bring to people -products they looked forward to using. Products that don't just come in fancy packaging or containers, but are actually fun.

This led to the creation of the very first brand in the Indian market, that was a breath of fresh air whilst being potent and natural! It's not just the product name that was given a twist, or the way it was to be used, but in reality, it was an entire line of new products that were a fresh concept.

Talking about the products, let's take a look at them, one by one:

Face whip- Its a 2 in 1 kind of product, that brings to you a face gel and face cream both, separately, but in the same jar. This whip feels better on your skin as it is watery, bouncy and completely absorbs in just a few minutes. It is to be the best of both worlds, with the weight that comes with being a gel and the cushion of a moisturizer.

So often with the change in weather or different zones of the face, we have to hunt for different products that work for us, but with the face whip, that is no longer really a question. You get to use what your skin demands, without really hurting your pocket or getting a plethora of products and a long skincare routine. 

Body Conditioner- So many people often complain about their body lotion/moisturizer being too thick/ heavy that it makes the skin sticky and being too light, that they’re left re-applying them. Body Conditioner is a lotion that you apply immediately after bathing, on wet skin- basically, an in- shower product. On massaging it onto the skin, it leaves the skin supple, sufficiently moisturised but not at all sticky! 

Moisturised skin is a must for all seasons and this product does just that.

Jello Face Wash- People are used to using face washes in bottles and tubes. They're liquidy/ foamy/ water like or creamy. How many times have you seen a face wash that is like a pretty looking solid jello, that you can even play with? Pretty sure not much! Jello is just that- you scoop a little once you’re done playing with it and get to cleanse your face with the foam it creates. 

Whip Foam- This rich in texture, whipped foam is actually a body wash, but that is not it. It is a great pre-shave cream product for her and him, and serves great at doing so. It is creamy, rich and whipped to leave your skin feeling soft after your showers.

Rub Rub Scrub- Himalayan sea salt body scrub. It gives a great buff to get rid of that dry and dull skin, only to leave it oh so soft and supple. It rids the skin of tan, dead skin particles and even helps to scrub those little in-grown hair out. What is great is, on getting in touch with water, it turns all foamy and soft and makes the skin incredibly soft. You won’t be able to keep your hands to yourself! 

You sure should try out these products and give your skin a fun break! 

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