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Why do you need an in-shower body lotion

Why do you need an in-shower body lotion

  • jagjit singh
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  • Oct, 23 , 21

For every person out there, who knows even the S of skincare, knows and understands the importance of hydration! No matter your skin type, no matter what regime you follow- hydration is everyone’s best pal. 

Let’s take a minute to understand what exactly is an-shower lotion-

For a Person- it is a hassle free way to moisturize skin, while it is still wet. So, it is merely a body lotion for women & men, with an application twist.

But for a deeper understanding- In-shower moisturizers/lotions are activated by water, which allows the skin to absorb all of the moisturizing ingredients before rinsing the formula off. It is an alternative to traditional body lotions. It is a creamy moisturizer made of humectants, emollients, and skin-softening ingredients such as butters and oils. It gives your skin a satin soft feel, keeps it from feeling dry or patchy sans a touch of stickiness.



body lotion for women


How does it work again?

Typically used as the last step in the general bathing routine , this body lotion locks in hydration to provide your skin with moisture that goes the distance! And when we say that, we genuinely mean it- cross our hearts!

So instead of having to layer skin with your general use body cream or lotion post-shower, in-shower body lotion helps you streamline your routine without having to let go of that goody-good moisture.


in shower body lotion for men


What does our in-shower lotion consist of?

Well, it is infused with the goodness of Argan oil and silk protein, making it the perfect body moisturizer for women and men. To top that off, it is highly recommended for dry skin, normal or oily skin. 

Argan Oil helps protect the skin from sun damage, has natural anti-aging & stretch mark effects and highly moisturizes the skin.

Silk protein on the other hand, as an ingredient naturally enhances skin whilst giving it a radiant glow, apart from moisturising it!

How to use it?

Step 1- Step in for a great bath to start your day.

Step 2- Let your skin bask in all that water, making it soft.

Step 3- Apply in-shower lotion all over your wet body and massage it into your skin for soft and supple skin the entire day!

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