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Lip and Cheek Tints- all about their hype!

Jun, 29 , 22
A great deal about tints it- you can use the same product in multiple areas, and also, for multiple looks. From natural/ neutral looks, to full blown looks, you can get either with just one single product. You can get a range of shades, from the same product, just by the way of using, or layering you follow!

Use a lip scrub today! Here's why- Freshistry

Jun, 17 , 22

Do you know that our lips are the most sensitive part of our body and have over 1 million nerve endings! 

Why do you need an in-shower body lotion

Oct, 23 , 21

For every person out there, who knows even the S of skincare, knows and understands the importance of hydration! No matter your skin type, no matter what regime you follow-...

No More Mundane Skincare For You! Freshistry

Oct, 08 , 21

Skin care brands are launched day in and day out, yet what is amusing to see is how they have so much in common! Freshistry was conceptualized to bring out...

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