Why is using a hair conditioner important for healthy hair growth?

Is the conditioner necessary for hair? The short answer is a resounding yes. The reason is that dull, damaged, and dry hair can sabotage even the most pristine of haircuts. Yet several people skip applying a hair conditioner after shampoo because they assume that the conditioner might weigh down on their hair, while some others typically believe that they do not need conditioner at all, for their reasons. The truth is that conditioning your hair after the shampoo is crucial for flaunting bouncy, lustrous hair. A good conditioner typically smoothens out the hair cuticle while adding more body to the overall hair volume.


Top reasons to condition your hair

Avoiding a conditioner altogether makes your hair vulnerable to breakage, which can go on to thinning of your hair. Furthermore, if you regularly use styling tools on your unconditioned hair that involves a lot of heat, pulling, and tugging, the possibility of damage only surges. The outcome might be lifeless, parched, hair which eventually becomes impossible to styling.

If you desire healthy, silky, and smooth hair, you can ask your hairstylist to recommend to you the best conditioner according to your hair type. Make sure that you apply a conditioner after each shampoo— daily for damaged or dry hair and 3-4 times every week for extremely fine hair.

However, regardless of the hair type, texture, or length of your tresses, conditioning regularly can improve the feel and look of your hair by leaps and bounds. Harsh styling techniques, constantly coloring, and letting your hair remain exposed to dangerous pollutants can rob your hair of all essential nutrients, leaving it limp, brittle, and dry. Conditioning your hair in every wash can help restore your hair while protecting it from long-term damage.

Are you still skeptical? Here are the benefits of using hair conditioner in each wash:

  1. Hydration is More Essential Than You Think:

Just as how you moisturize your face and body's skin, you must moisturize your hair with a top-quality conditioner. Lathering up a hydrating conditioner for your hair can help seal your cuticles, minimizing frizz while improving the appearance of your hair's volume and fullness.

  1. Your Hair Needs Protection From Harsh Chemicals:

As mentioned multiple times before, hot styling tools as well as chemically treated hair tend to make your hair lifeless. Constant conditioning helps to protect your mane from the afflictions wrought on by curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers. The best hair conditioners offer the shield of UV protection to your strands from the sun’s harsh rays while also reducing the fading of color.

  1. Bid a Farewell to Annoying Tangles:

Regularly conditioning your hair makes combing through snags and knots far less painful. When your hair is well conditioned, it gets easier to detangle locks of damp strands without uprooting the follicle as well as damaging the cuticle. Not only that, your hair will end up becoming smoother and softer, facilitating its easy styling and brushing.

  1. Improve Luster and Elasticity:

When your hair is damaged and dry, its brittle strands easily break off. Conditioning strengthens as well as nourishes your hair's shaft for improving elasticity. When your hair is smooth, healthy, and bouncy, it will gain a natural radiance—and take fewer minutes to style as compared to before! Try to condition your hair whenever you shampoo to enjoy a healthier appearance with a far more manageable mane of happy hair.


How and when should you use a hair conditioner?

Wrong application of your preferred hair conditioner can make your scalp get oily quickly, making you get disenchanted with the quality of your conditioner for no fault of its own. Eventually, you would resort to discontinuing its use while also canceling all the benefits that it was lending. Instead of your scalp, your hair's ends need the nourishment of your conditioner the most. Therefore, you should start applying the conditioner from your hair's end tips while working your way up right up throughout the length. Make sure to not apply the conditioner to your scalp at all!


How long to leave the conditioner on hair?

It is simply not sufficient to apply conditioner in your hair and be glad of taking care of it after all. What is more important is not only how you apply it but also how often you do. Apart from that, how long you should leave the conditioner on for so that it works well for your hair, is important as well. Usually, after you are done with shampooing your hair, it is dripping wet, making it difficult for the freshly applied hair conditioner to stay in place. Instead, you must squeeze out all the excess water from your hair before you start applying the conditioner. Then leave the conditioner on for nearly 2-3 minutes, to allow the conditioner for working its magic upon your hair.

How often should you use conditioner?

Just as the case with exercise or diet, results show up only when you do something consistently for prolonged periods. So, if you desire to get silky and tangle-free tresses, sparingly applying a conditioner now and then simply will not work. You will have to condition your hair after every wash. It is only after routine use that you will begin to see the advantages of using a hair conditioner, and witness firsthand the results that you always longing for – bouncy, fine as well as tangle-free hair.


The benefits of personalized hair care products

Bad hair days are devastating afflictions that nobody should have to go through, yet everyone deals with from time to time. While tons of conditioners in the hair-care domain have attempted to tame wild and messy hair into manageable and soft locks, disillusionment with hair volume, texture, as well as the quality remains an issue. Some more new players have entered the market to provide effective remedies with a unique twist. Haircare products are now customizable for suiting individual scalp and hair needs, complete with the buyer’s name and cute packaging of the bottled concoction. Not only does all this sound groovy, but such personalized hair conditioners are extremely beneficial. Because the harsh truth is that over the counter products are not the best for you. Your skin and hair are unique, and so are their requirements and needs. Here are some benefits of opting for customized hair care products:

  1. When selecting ingredients of your choice, you always have the option to drop out specific ingredients for whichever reasons you deem fit. For instance, you can do this if you desire a vegan option, have an allergy or would like a silicone-free formulation.
  2. For those wanting green and clean hair conditioner, you can rest assured that your cherry-picked ingredients will provide high standards of clean and fresh beauty. Each of your choices will be picked from an array compiled after years' worth of testing. Some such assortments are a stable of more than hundreds of effective, natural ingredients as well as synthetic ingredients. Several brands offering personalized hair care have in-house chemists that are constantly testing and researching to ensure only the most-effective and safest ingredients make way into the formulas.
  3. Brands promoting personalized hair care continuously develop themselves to offer better ingredients and products. Some of them are tech-first companies that utilize both feedback surveys and online consultations for evaluating their hair conditioners' performance. As a result, they continually add new active ingredients for addressing mane needs that might have been previously unmet.


 Summing Up

Hair-care is a tricky affair, but extremely rewarding if done right. Selecting the best hair conditioner unique to your hair is one of the first steps that can go a long way in substantiating your dream of swaying silky smooth tresses.

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