When everything could be customized from your decorative candles to your expensive sandals, then why not your cosmetics?

When everything could be customized from your decorative candles to your expensive sandals, then why not your cosmetics?  

The cosmetic industry has consistently fallen short in delivering the promise of glowing and healthy skin. Now the industry has understood that the mantra “one fits for all” is not going to last for long. 

Customization is the new normal as customers are increasingly searching for solutions to their unique needs. Personalized cosmetics being one of the many trends have been catching the eyes of customers.   

Suppose you and your best friend have the same taste, but whenever you order a cake, she always adds some extra cherries on the top, why? Or have you ever suggested a cosmetic to your friend with the same skin type but, did not get the same results you were expecting? Because there always lies some uniqueness. 

Why personalization is the future of the beauty industry?  

Big brands are putting a personalized spin on classic products as personalization became a buzzword. Nalan, co-founder of Vedix said that “We believe the next 5-10 years will see a rapid shift in the consumption pattern in the beauty industry from mass-produced products to customized products across segment like skin, hair color, etc.” 

Due to the huge demandmany companies like SkinKraftVedix, Freewill have already stepped into the world of customization and are making customized personal care products in India 

How 2020 is shaping the beauty industry? 

Beauty trends in 2020 have taken the beauty industry from innovation to personalization products. The 2020 spirit of beauty is more inclusive than ever. The future of the beauty industry is uniqueness. So, the cosmetic industry is also adopting new trends in the changing decade. 

  1. Personalized beauty brands 

    Offer a wide range of customization options and stand ahead of the competition by providing out-of-box edit features. It gives the customers the power to choose the product which suits them. Personalization in the beauty industry is necessary to beat the competition.

  2. Geographical hotspot highlights 

    The “made in” stamp is extremely popular nowadays which represents the location of manufacturing of the product. This allows the brand to capitalize on their own cultural associations. 

  3. Microbiome skincare  

    This sector provides skincare on the next level, by testing your skin type, its sensitivity in various aspects. Therefore, customers receive products customized to your microbiome and genetic makeup. 

  4. Genetic level skincare 

    Trace of your blood can tell about your ancestry, so, predicting the aging of your skin is not a big deal. The genetic level analysis could revel many facts about your skin like which food should eat? Which ingredient should you use? for getting radiant skin. 

  5. Analyze your skin at a beauty store 

    In the upcoming times you would probably start seeing, your skin type analyzing machines at every beauty store, which are now found only in labs and doctor’s office. 

  6. Artificial intelligence aids  

    The adoption of AI aids is proving beneficial in getting specific customer's insights. It enables the understanding of ingredient effectiveness and advanced technologies. Some personalized beauty brands have already started using this technology, as customer’s expectations are also increasing. 

  7. The debate between natural and synthetic products 

    The market is flooded with labels that increasingly polarize natural and synthetic ingredients. But the fact is, about 24-30% of personalized cosmetics is made up of natural ingredients which is beneficial for your skin.  

  8. Men approach towards the cosmetic 

    Women account for 90% of beauty and personal care value sales but the bend of men’s interest in the grooming industry is expected to speed up in the future.  


Benefits of using customized personal care products 

No matter you are 15 or 50, if you are facing some beauty problems, there is always a way that leads to the solution. The treatment which works for others may prove totally incorrect for you. Therefore, using customized skincare products will eliminate this concern.  

At Freshistry, your skin and hair problems are identified, and your goal is targeted to make customized personal care product that suits you the most. The entire process of customization comes with a lot of benefits like: 

  1. Lowered allergy risk  
  2. You get a uniquely designed product that suits your skin perfectly.  
  3. Adorable packing 
  4. You get the option to decide the amount of the product to be made. 
  5. Specific ingredients for your hair type and skin type 
  6. Target specific problem areas 

Selecting a customized personal care product over any other general product is the best option you could ever have. As it targets your unique skin type and have maximum potential to eliminate the root cause. Visit Freshistry now for fresh, effective ingredients-based skin and hair care products that are formulated by you and provide you real benefits. 

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