Tips on how to treat oily or greasy hair

Of all the annoying and frustrating hair problems, greasy hair tops the list. People with greasy hair knows the struggle of regular treating their hair with chemical products and damaging them.  The last thing you want is to weigh your hair with more chemical products., you know how that turns out for your hair. Oily hair and scalp are common conditions among people. It is also considered a natural oil that protects and nourishes your hair. An abnormally oily scalp can be troublesome. It makes you feel sweaty, greasy, and dirty all the time. An oily scalp can also lead to excessive itching, redness, and acute seborrheic dermatitis. This overproduction of oil can be caused by a number of factors such as improper care of your scalp and hair, body chemistry, diet, hormones, and stress.  

What causes greasy hair?

Before you learn how to treat greasy and oily hair, you should know what is the reason your hair is too greasy and oily. The condition of greasy hair takes place when excessive Sebum or natural oil builds up on the scalp.  Your body is capable of producing an appropriate amount of oil natural oil to keep your skin and scalp hydrated. Sometimes it produces an excessive amount of oil resulting in oily skin and hair. This is caused due to imbalance in hormones and poor hygiene practices. Too much shampooing your hair can also provoke the oil glands to replace the washed oil by producing extra oil. 

Keeping your hair open and constantly touching them will make your hair greasier. You can always switch to braids, messy updos, and ponytails on days when you want to hide your greasiness. This way you are hiding and working with the grease, which makes it easier to hold updos and let’s face it, it looks neat and pretty.  Stay on a healthy diet and intake your vitamins, and you won’t have to worry about greasy hair anymore.

How to get rid of oily and greasy hair? 

Here are some tips you can try to get rid of oily and messy hair:


It is necessary to practice a hygienic hair care routine. Wash your hair regularly with good quality products but avoid washing it too much. Too much use of shampoo and conditioners strips the hair from its natural oil.  There should be a gap of two to three days in your hair wash.  It is important to maintain a perfect balance in your hair wash.  Use light oil such as, coconut and argon oil to keep your hair restore to its natural oil. 


  • Avoid excess use of hair styling tools

Stop over styling and damaging your hair with hair styling tools. Too much straightening and blow-drying your hair can make your strands oily and greasy. Straight hair tends to be much oilier because the oil from your scalp directly comes into contact with your locks making it look greasy. 


  • Use a scalp scrub once in a while

Yes, you can also exfoliate your scalp with the help of appropriate products available. It helps in reducing the buildup of sebum on the scalp. Make sure you follow all the steps before applying the scalp scrub.  It will also scrub the dead skin from your scalp and keeps your scalp clean. 


  • Clean your hairbrush every week

95% of hair problems take place due to dirty comb and brushes. It is recommended to clean your hair tools every week to keep them hygienic. If you have greasy hair, some of the oil might get transferred to your hair tools. If you won’t wash them regularly, the oil might get transferred to the clean hair, making you start from scratch. It is better to clean your hair tools to prevent the transfer of oil on your clean hair. 


  • Use shampoos and conditioners made for oily hair

Oily hair shampoos and conditioners are made especially for people with greasy hair. It helps in removing unnecessary oil from the scalp and hair. Massage the oily hair shampoo on the scalp and rinse it properly with water, while the oily hair conditioner must be used only on the ends of the hair. It is important to look for appropriate ingredients that will help you get rid of excess oil on your scalp and hair. You can also go for dry shampoo, but do not overuse it.  Choose the dry shampoo with charcoal in it, it will eliminate the excessive oil immediately.  Also, avoid using hair serums on the roots, use it on the strands to keep them frizz-free and shiny.

Ditch your oily hair by following the above measures and flaunt your hair with pride because your hair is an essential part of your personality. You can easily lose your charm with greasy and oily hair.

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