10 things you should never apply on your face

When it comes to skincare, we all become mindful and receptive. One should be completely aware of products they apply on their skin and certain about the results that particular product may have on the skin. Our skin is really sensitive and reacts differently to different skincare products. Some products may work well with the skin. However, there are others that may not produce acceptable outcomes.   

Well, there are many things that we apply to our face on a daily basis that should not be applied. Read this article to know about the same. 

1.Lemon – Yes, you heard that right. Although its limited intake may be good for your inners, it is just not good for your face. If you tend to put lemon or any citrus fruit juice on your skin, then, you are likely to come across chemical burns known as phytophotodermatitis. You may feel some kind of irritation on the face if you apply lime.  

2.Sugar  There is no denial in the fact that sugar when used in a DIY scrub, can be good for the other parts of the body. However, it is not fit when it comes to applying it to the face. It can roughen and abrade the skin to a large extent. Adding to this, it will not let the softness of the face remain for a considerable period of time.  

3.Baking soda – You might have come across some articles and videos focusing on baking soda as having great benefits if applied on the face. Well, the fact is that it is not so true. Baking soda has the tendency to lower the PH balance of the face since it has high alkaline levels. Its application will give way to dry up the skin, leading to acne breakout altogether. 

4.Hot water  For all those who think that hot water relaxes the face, well, excuse us to break off your belief. Direct use of hot water can dry up your skin and make your face dull. This is because it reduces the moisture of the face.  

5.Soap-bar  It is advised to clean your face with a face wash rather than a soap bar. Soap bars tend to remove the natural oils from the face and leave the skin dry and itchy.  

6.Coconut oil – People who already have oily skin should not apply coconut oil to their faces. It takes time for the oil to get absorbed. In addition to this, it can clog the pores of your skin as well. 

7.Body lotion – You surely put body lotion on your face when you just run out of face creams thinking there is not much difference between the two. However, that is not the case. Body Lotions are much oilier and thicker. They are not suitable enough to be applied on the face. A body lotion can further lead to breakouts on the face. 

8.Cinnamon  There was a point when cinnamon was making rounds all over the internet for its amazing facial benefits. Well, cinnamon is one of the natural ingredients which should never be applied to the face. There may be chances of you feeling tingling sensations or experiencing redness on the face.  

9.Apple cider vinegar – The PH level of Apple Cider Vinegar is below 3. Dermatologists say that apple cider vinegar plays a big role in removing the protective layer of skin making it dry and harsh. It can also give you a sense of irritation and discomfort. Your skin may become prone to redness as well. 

10.Parabens  You will find paraben in many products that are used for skin care. They are used to preserve the shelf life of the products. However, they are not only bad for the skin but also have some effects on the hormonal cycle. Try to use paraben-free products as much as possible.  

So, these are some of the popular ingredients that should never be used on the face. If you want your face to stay fresh and entirely smooth, then, give up on these products and get going.  

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