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Natural Lip Oil - Lip Spurr

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Cotton Candy Lip Scrub

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Natural Lip Plumper For Women

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Newly Launched Body Scrubs


I've been using this for a while now and will continue to do so as long as it's kept around. I was skeptical when I first bought it due to the strong scent and poor luck with exfoliating products, but it's surprisingly gentle on my super-sensitive skin. I wouldn't say it's a "gentle" exfoliator as it does scrub quite intensely, but as the salt dissolves it's not too aggressive. Gets me very clean without feeling rubbed raw!

Rub Rub Scrub

Nipun Sharma

I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. Every single moisturizer I’ve tried, in the past, has caused me to break out in spots and leaves me greasy. However, this one has not caused my acne to get worse, leaves my skin supple and not greasy and helps calm both my spots and the redness I get. Its like with one product, I can chose if I want to apply the gel today or the cream

Face Whip


Such good texture, love how it feels on my skin. Also good for shaving, nice product for women for that.

Whip Form


Purchased for my daughter as a treat and she loves it. I was a little unsure given the name, thought they might just be for fun/ play. She got a good few months out of this, great fun to use it was, smells amazing . Great product, thank you.

Jello Facewash


Helps maintain your skin looking amazing even under the worse weather...saves you the step of having to moisturize all over after you shower. The fragrance is lovely and it feels amazing, not greasy or gross at all...I can say i've been using it for a while now!

Condition Me


Simply fantastic. I love love love this product. The smell is amazing, the small pot lasted a while so it was great value and my skin is oh so very soft and smells delicious. It’s such fun to use and always makes me super excited to use.

Jello FaceWash

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